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Shenzhen Price Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (PTL) is a third-party service organization which can provide one-stop testing of lithium battery industry chain products. The testing scope covers lithium battery industry chain: lithium battery module, lithium battery, mobile power supply, battery materials, battery protection circuit, electronic components and other products. Product testing and certification, chemical composition and hazardous substances detection and analysis, as well as wireless charging equipment Qi certification.

PTL started in 2003, and by 2015 has developed into a large-scale testing base with five major testing centers: mobile phones, notebooks and other digital equipment battery testing center; electric vehicles, energy storage equipment power battery testing center; battery material testing center; wireless charging equipment Qi certification testing experiment Center; Electronic and electrical equipment, plastics, textiles, toys and other products of chemical harmful substances testing center. The five testing centers include 12 specialized laboratories: capacity testing room, electrical performance testing room, safety testing room, mechanical testing room, environmental testing room, rigorous environment testing room, EV / storage electrical performance testing room, EV / storage reliability testing room, battery material testing room, electronic process testing room, wireless charging Qi testing room. Chemical testing room.

PTL laboratory establishes and operates laboratory management system strictly in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 standard. PTL laboratory has authoritative qualifications such as producing credible data to the society and providing public testing service platform. Not only through the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment CNAS accreditation, but also authorized by many international authoritative bodies, such as Germany TUVRH, Shanghai Chemical Institute, DEKRA, INTERTEK, WPC wireless charging alliance and so on. PTL is the only designated third-party testing institution of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and the vice-chairman unit of WPC Greater China QI Certification Promotion Work. PTL Laboratory has completed QI Certification Testing Equipment. It is the third WPC Certified ATL Laboratory in China (the 14th country in the world). PTL Laboratory is equipped with various high-precision testing instruments including reliability testing equipment, Qi certification testing equipment, with a group of senior engineers and professional testing technicians, to ensure that customers enjoy one-stop, professional lithium battery testing certification and information consulting services.

PTL not only provides professional and one-stop testing service, but also actively participates in the formulation and discussion of domestic and foreign standards through its strong technical force and resource integration ability. The first domestic mobile power industry standard, USB interface mobile power, was drafted and formalized in May 2014. At the same time, as the main editorial unit, it participated in the main editorial units of Guangdong Provincial Standard for Electric Vehicle Batteries (on-board electronic reliability test methods for electric vehicles, periodic test methods for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles) and National Standard "Limitation of harmful substances in lithium-ion battery materials". In close cooperation with the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, it has hosted the first domestic mobile power testing and certification technical seminar and the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Mobile Power Branch start-up meeting, and served as the mobile power standing Secretariat unit to guide the domestic mobile power industry's health and regulations. Fan development has attracted wide attention from all walks of life in China.

PTL upholds the principle of fairness, science, accuracy and efficiency. While becoming a lithium-ion testing expert, PTL constantly upgrades its testing capability and enriches its new energy testing product line. PTL takes the mission of becoming a "trustworthy international renowned testing and evaluation institution for new energy" and takes the vision of "making green energy safer and more reliable" for its customers. It provides professional, dedicated and efficient battery testing and certification services.

Advantages of preyes battery detection:

One stop battery testing and certification

One-stop testing and certification convenient, one-stop testing and certification price, we adhere to the principle of customer-oriented, customer-centered, to maximize customer satisfaction in the testing and certification requirements, we feel one-stop convenient, efficient, value-added.

Professional battery testing and certification

We have a professional certification consulting team, more than 10 years of experience in testing certification to create today's borderless engineering and technical support; our technical team of various safety testing requirements are highly familiar with the full range of customers to provide the best procedures, plus our efficient testing team, can maximize To win valuable time for customers and strive for greater market share.

International Battery Testing and certification

More than ten years of international certification experience, a high degree of familiarity with the certification laws and regulations of most countries around the world, local language application background and agency services, so that customers can enjoy testing and certification services around the world at home, for customers to better enter the global market for products to lay a solid foundation.