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Declaration of Impartiality

Declaration of Impartiality

In order to improve the quality of service, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, ensure the independence and impartiality of the laboratory's testing/calibration work, and ensure the use of scientific methods to issue accurate and reliable test results, we hereby declare as follows:

1. The laboratory of the company has independent legal status and the right to conduct business independently, which can ensure that the test/calibration results are free from any administrative, commercial and financial intervention, and are not affected by economic interests or other external pressures, and ensure the independence, truth, objectivity, accuracy and traceability of the test/calibration data results.

2. Testing/calibration shall be carried out in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and technical standards, and a management system conforming to the standards shall be established and operated to ensure the scientific and accuracy of testing/calibration data.

3. The Company has formulated the "Management Procedure to Ensure the Fairness and Honesty of testing" and "Confidentiality Management Procedure" to strictly keep customers' samples, technologies, information and test results confidential to safeguard customers' legitimate rights and interests.

4. Organizationally ensure that managers who have potential conflicts of interest with testing/calibration work are not directly involved in testing/calibration work; Testing/calibration personnel shall not participate in activities that have an interest in testing/calibration, and shall not use personnel who work in two or more testing institutions at the same time.

5. Every employee of the company is required to memorize and strictly abide by the provisions of this statement. Once violations of this fairness statement are found, the responsible person will be severely punished.

6. The Company undertakes to bear the legal responsibility for the loss caused to the customer due to the issue of fairness.